The teenage of a student forms the incubation period of his/her career. Like parts of a baby formed during the incubation period and grow in the after-birth life, all the aspects related to a career should be developed during this teenage itself. The latter part is the only growth. No new features can be formed after taking birth. Likewise, Career decisions should be taken between the 8th to 12th grades. The minimal scope will be left after completion of the 12th Class. Unfortunately, many students and parents ignore this fact and blame the other factors in society.

Why you need Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate.

The Career Counsellor is equipped with myriad tools to help students in making their choices. The students and the parents are generally confused about the options. And every other month, there are new courses, disciplines, and colleges upcoming in the world, and the students cannot keep track of the changes taking place.

When is Career Counselling Compulsory?

The dilemma of students is measured in two dimensions. These two dimensions should be aligned with each other.

1. Career Choice

2. Stream or Couse Selection.

The students are divided into three types regarding Career Choices.

1. Full Clarity, these students are fully clear about their Career Choice

and Stream or Course selection.

2. Partial Clarity, these students are confused about either Career

choice or Stream/Course selection.

3. Fully Confused, these students are neither clear on Career choice nor Stream/Course selection.

Career Counselling is necessary for all three types.

You have to master 3 areas to get Clarity for a fail-proof Career

1. UNDERSTAND YOURSELF: It forms a strong foundation for Career Development. This includes exploration of the inner world of a student. It helps to align his purpose with the Career.

2. KNOW THE CAREER OPTIONS: The outer world starts here. Career options mean knowing the Career paths, right Courses, information on Colleges and Country. This makes the student an informed decisionmaker about his/her Career.

3. EXPLORE THE WORLD OF WORK: Understanding the World of Work shows possible occupations, Jobs, and professions can be taken up after graduating.

Step 1 – Understand Yourself

The following are the essential elements to go deep into to master oneself and lays a strong foundation for your Career Building.

  • Explore your Calling and Vision
  • Write your Mission Statement
  • Set your Goals
  • Inculcate Values
  • Know your Personality Type
  • Find your Interest/ Passion
  • Find your Learning Style
  • Practice 10 Critical Life Skills

Step 2 – Know the Career Options/Paths:

Knowing the Career Options or Paths is the Critical area where a Student’s success depends upon. This step may change the entire game. In this step, you have to make the following different decisions basing on the full-stack information.

  • Explore the Various Career Paths like becoming an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Pilot, Designer, Teacher, etc.,
  • Find the right Stream/Course like Science, Commerce, Liberal Arts streams, etc.,
  • Get a seat in your dream College where all the facilities like faculty, Campus life, Placements, etc., are available.
  • Study in your dream Country, which affordable.

Step 3 – Explore the World of Work

Exploring the World of Work, which includes various vocations and occupations, give enthusiasm to the student. He can differentiate between various Occupations, Jobs, Professions, and Business opportunities.

  • Understand the Various types of Occupations
  • Know Various Types of Jobs, Profession, Business
  • Explore the new age Careers
  • Set your Career Hierarchy


These three essentials form a strong triangle. If anyone is missing or not focused properly, life and career will be miserable, because Career Development is a life-long process.  But people think that, it ends once they get selected in good college.  In this Journey of Career, the role of Career Counsellor is indispensable to help and hand hold in different stages of their Career Development.

By Career Scales Academy

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